We are a full-service talent management agency and provide a wide range of services to help our talents navigate the challenging and ever-changing landscape of their industry.

Our services include talent management, marketing and advertising, career guidance, contract negotiation, and more.

We work closely with our talents to understand their unique needs and goals and to develop personalized strategies to help them achieve success.

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, we can help you achieve your goals.

Management 01

We understand the importance of comprehensive talent management and offer a holistic approach. We offer a wide range of management services to help our talents achieve their goals and focus on what is important to them.
  • Full-Service Management
  • Career Guidance
  • Media Training
  • Sponsorship & Endorsement
  • Event Management

Analysis 02

Detailed analysis by professionals that give players the needed individual support that many professional clubs are not offering.
  • Pre-game analysis with individualized video clips
  • Post-game analysis with in-depth learn effects
  • In-Depth Performance Analytics
  • Enhancing the tactical understanding of an individual player beyond the game philosophy of one particular club

Marketing 03

The importance of a personal strong brand is nowadays more important than ever. We create with our talents unique brandings and work on public relations / media, social media and events. To achieve an effective and successful marketing.
  • Sponsoring
  • Social Media Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Public Relations
  • Branding & Digital Media

Performance 04

Through our cooperation with high professionals from different areas we offer complementary services to excel on the pitch.

  • Speed training
  • Preventive and physical therapy resources
  • Offseason training services
  • Nutrition plan

Legal 05

From legal guidance to full representation for our talents. We offer an experienced legal service and navigate our clients through the complex legal landscape of the industry. Through this, our talents can focus on what they are good at.

  • Legal Consultation
  • Contracts & Templates
  • Contract Management
  • Sponsoring Contracts
  • 24h Legal Advice

Lifestyle 06

Our priority is it to build and foster great relationships with our network. Driven by the goal of sustained results online and offline. We plan the right events with the right people. From the inception to post event coverage, we are for sure the right agency for you.

  • Digital Advertising
  • Network
  • Events
  • Strategic Consultancy

Technology 07

We offer technology services to stay ahead of the curve. From data analysis, security to blockchain solutions, websites, apps and support. You can count on us to make your technology setup the most successful in your industry.

  • Data Security
  • Blockchain (Cryptocurrencies & NFT)
  • Webdesign & Development
  • Communities / Fans Management
  • Mobile Apps